GE Zoneline provides year-round comfort with individual heating and cooling temperature controls. These units are ideal for hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and apartments. All Zoneline units feature the exclusive GE "Superseal" system which minizes energy usage by reducing air infiltration. The result is maximum operationg efficiency and more comfortable rooms.

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Electronic Tactile Controls
Premium 5800 Series Zoneline units are equipped with microcomputer touch controls. This feature gives the user finer control over the temperature with a touch pad and an LED readout.

Central Desk Control
All Zoneline units are compatible with two-wire central desk ON/OFF controls, including many computerized control systems. They can also be wired directly to infrared sensors and door switches to maximize efficiency.

Optional Corrosion Treatment
Deluxe Zoneline units can be ordered with special treatment to reduce the effects of corrosive environments. Special treatments are placed on the outdoor coil and other components to extend the life of the unit.

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