PDI EZ View TV Monitor allows patients to view their personal TV in the best position for them. The propriertary SafeStop braking feature ensures the monitor remains exactly in place to prevent accidents.

Hospital UL approved for a wide range of health care applications - bedside use, intesive care units, nursing homes, dialysis areas, and other facilities.

PDI Monitor Features / [more information]

SafeStop Stability
Proprietary SafeStop brakes eliminate drift or movement.

Adjustable cradle accommodates standard monitors sizes. Hoeses computers monitor with keyboard bracket optional..

Maneuver anywhere within the 6' to 12' working envelope.

Rugged Design
All components are designed and engineered for years of reliable service.

About Us

Ayers Electronics is an authorized
distributor/manufacturer. We have
been in business for 20 years.

We manufacture anything made
out of steel or stainless steel if
we have sufficient quantity or the
potential for quantity

Model 3038 Tethered Remote
3038 Remote is a Tethered television remote device that can be easily cleaned, simple to use, and will not get lost.
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