J20F742 TruFlat -
Enjoy a crisp picture regardless of where you sit in the room with this RCA 20-inch stereo TV. Outfitted with a TruFlat picture tube, which reduces peripheral screen reflections and glare by more than 60 percent compared to standard tubes, viewers can see the screen clearly from straight ahead or far off to the side.

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L26W11 Flat Screen
Widescreen High Definition TV Monitor with 1366 x 768 High Resolution Panel and Lightning Fast 16ms Response Time . Exceptional Contrast and Brightness Performance. High Performance Video Processing with Advanced De-Interlacing.

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Ayers Electronics is an authorized
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Model 3038 Tethered Remote
3038 Remote is a Tethered television remote device that can be easily cleaned, simple to use, and will not get lost.
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